Keep the soaker pad bandage on your tattoo overnight, or as instructed by your artist. 



  • Carefully remove bandage and tape

  • Wash your hands using Liquid Dial Gold Anti-bacterial soap before washing your new tattoo

  • Using your clean hands only, make a lather with the Liquid Dial Gold Anti-bacterial soap and warm water

  • Gently wash your tattoo using the soapy lather in a gentle circular motion, until all ointment, blood, and lymphatic fluids are removed

  • Rinse the tattoo with hot water followed by cold water until the skin is clear of all soap

  • Use clean paper towel to gently dab the tattoo dry

  • Wash your tattoo using this method up to three times daily

Keep your tattoo clean and dry for the first 48-72 hours after removing your bandage. When flakes begin to form you may begin using a very small amount of unscented Aveeno, or your preferred fragrant-free light lotion. Continue to keep the tattoo on the dry side, only applying a small amount of lotion at a time, for a quicker more vibrant heal. 

  • DO NOT use any fragrant soaps, lotions, or any other products other then what is mentioned above.

  • DO NOT pick or scratch your tattoo. (Touch ups for tattoos that have been picked or scratched will require a set up fee.)

  • DO NOT expose your fresh tattoo to direct sunlight or submerge it in water.

  • DO NOT oversaturate your tattoo with moisturizer while it is healing.

If you prefer to use Tegaderm, Saniderm, or your choice of waterproof bandage; allow your soaker pad to stay on overnight, then follow the first steps for washing your tattoo prior to putting on the ‘derm’ bandage. Allow the tattoo and the area surrounding your tattoo to dry out for several minutes before applying the derm bandage. Make sure to cover your tattoo with a minimum of 3 inches of extra margin around the entire tattoo when applying the derm. You may overlap multiple pieces of derm to ensure that you have adequate coverage. Keep the derm bandage on your tattoo for 3-5 days. Remove it in the shower with warm water, then begin washing and lightly moisturizing your tattoo as directed above. 

*** Remove the derm bandage at the first sign of redness, irritation, or if fluid begins leaking from the bandage.


It normally takes 2-4 weeks for a tattoo to completely heal. Follow these instructions to ensure your new tattoo is well taken care of. 

If you are experiencing abnormal pain or discomfort, please contact your doctor immediately.